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What's this site about ?

This site is about sharing Drum & Bass, Breakbeat and Dubstep music using the Bittorrent peer-2-peer technology. You can find mixes, podcasts, videos or freely available tracks on this site.

We do not support the sharing of commercially available material!

What's torrent all about ?

Check out this article about Bittorrent.

Which torrent client should i use ?

We recommend one of the following torrent clients:

What audio & video software can you recommend ?

We recommend the following media software:
  • Audacious (Nice Winamp clone for Unix)
  • Audacity (Cross platform audio editor)
  • CDex (Open Source CD Ripper for Windows)
  • Foobar (Advanced audio player for Windows)
  • LAME (Maybe the best mp3 encoder outthere)
  • MP3DirectCut (Fast mp3 cut&paste editor for Windows)
  • MP3Gain (MP3 Analyser and Normaliser)
  • MP3Tag (Tag editor for Windows)
  • QeD (Liveset Cuesheet editor)
  • VLC (Open source cross-platform audio/video player that plays nearly all formats)
  • Winamp (Famous media player for Windows)

What tags should i use instead of HTML ?

Please use BB Code in descriptions instead of HTML. See here

Minimum Ratio

We always recommend to keep your Ratio greater than 1.0 !
If your Ratio is too low (<0.1) over a certain period of time, you get a PM with a warning. If you ignore this message and don't increase your Ratio, you get banned.
Happy seeding :)

How can i improve my ratio ?

  • Try to keep your BitTorrent client open whenever your computer is switched on
  • Don’t remove files from your client, you never know when someone needs a reseed
  • Make sure you exit your client properly, so that the tracker receives "event=completed".
  • If the tracker is down, do not stop seeding. As long as the tracker is back up before you exit the client the stats should update properly
  • Try to use "Protocol encryption" to bypass bandwidth throttling by your ISP. More info here and here
  • Check your Upload Speed: A good thumb rule is keeping the upload at about 80% of the theoretical upload speed. You will have to fine tune yours to find out what works best for you. (Remember that keeping the upload high has the additional benefit of helping with your ratio.)
  • Watch the torrents: To improve your ratio it sometimes can be helpful to jump onto popular torrents and avoid old ones with low activity, but there is simply no need to download torrents that you are unlikely to listen to just to raise your ratio.

Shoutbox / Comment / Chat Rules

  • Please post only in english
  • Don’t advertise
  • Don’t post illegal links to copyrighted material
  • Don’t post external download links
  • Don't request copyrighted material
  • Don't be rude

  User information - Top

I registered an account but did not receive the confirmation e-mail!

Please check your Spam/Junk-folder first, maybe the confirmation mail has been flagged as spam by mistake. Otherwise you can use this form to delete the account so you can re-register.

I've lost my user name or password! Can you send it to me?

Please use this form to have the login details mailed back to you.

Can you rename my account?

We do not rename accounts. Please create a new one. (Use this form to delete your present account.)

Can you delete my (confirmed) account?

You can do it yourself by using this form.

Help! I cannot login!?

Make sure you have cookies activated. If you still can't log in, try to clear your browser's cache.

I'm using a seedbox. How do i stay logged in?

You need access to your Seedbox and login from there to this site before you start a torrent session. In order to remote login to dnbtracker use a commandline browser like "lynx" or the following wget command:
wget --post-data 'username=username&password=pass'

My stats (ratio count) don't get updated, what should i do?

Make sure you are logged in with your actual IP when starting a torrent session. After that, even if the IP changes mid-session, the seeding or leeching will continue and the statistics will update without any problem.

Why is my port number reported as "---"? (And why should I care?)

The tracker has determined that you are firewalled or NATed and cannot accept incoming connections.

This means that other peers in the swarm will be unable to connect to you, only you to them. Even worse, if two peers are both in this state they will not be able to connect at all. This has obviously a detrimental effect on the overall speed.

The way to solve the problem involves opening the ports used for incoming connections (the same range you defined in your client) on the firewall and/or configuring your NAT server to use a basic form of NAT for that range instead of NAPT (the actual process differs widely between different router models. Check your router documentation and/or support forum. You will also find lots of information on the subject at PortForward).

  Uploading - Top

Uploading Rules

  • Drum & Bass or Bassmusic only.

  • No archive files (zip, rar etc.)
  • Properly name your folder and files including artist, title and date information (if available).

  • Put the files you want to share in a folder and include this .txt file in your torrent
  • You must use this tracker/announce url:
  • All torrent uploads must include a description with information about length and bitrate, preferably with a tracklisting.

  • Make sure your torrents are well-seeded for at least 24 hours.
  • Do not re-release material that is still active. Browse before you upload to avoid duplicates!

  • You don't know how to create a torrent ? Read the FAQ

Why can't i upload torrents to this site ?

Only members of the uploader class can upload torrents. You can apply to become an uploader by filling out this form.

I cannot upload or seed / My PC is behind a router/firewall

Make sure your firewall is not blocking incoming connections to your torrent client.
If you're behind a router, check out these step-by-step guides on how to setup manual port forwarding.
If you can't forward ports manually, try activate UPNP on your router and torrent client.

How do i create a torrent ?

This can differ from client to client but basically follow these steps:
  • First i recommend you copy or move the folder with the files you want to share in your "finished torrents" directory. (Don't forget to include this txt file!)
  • Now start your torrent client and open the "create torrent" dialogue
  • Hit the locate button and add that folder from the "finished torrents" directory.
  • Add as Tracker/Announce URL
  • Do NOT check "private torrent"
  • Hit the create/save as torrent button and save your torrent to a temporary folder (i.e. Desktop)
  • Now go to and load the torrent you've just created
  • Fill out the form and hit the "Upload Torrent" button
  • Now hit "CLICK HERE" and load this torrent with your torrent client

  Downloading - Top

I can't download any torrents

  • First make sure you have working network connection. If you are behind a firewall/router, you might find help at
  • Make sure you have a compatible torrent client (see this list).

How do I resume a broken download or reseed something?

Open the .torrent file. When your client asks you for a location, choose the location of the existing file(s) and it will resume/reseed the torrent.

Why do I get a "Not authorized (xx h) - READ THE FAQ" error?

From the time that each new torrent is uploaded to the tracker, there is a period of time that some users must wait before they can download it.
This delay in downloading will only affect users with a low ratio, and users with low upload amounts.

Why do I get a "rejected by tracker - Port xxxx is blacklisted" error?

Your client is reporting to the tracker that it uses one of the default bittorrent ports (6881-6889) or any other common p2p port for incoming connections.

This tracker does not allow clients to use ports commonly associated with p2p protocols. The reason for this is that it is a common practice for ISPs to throttle those ports (that is, limit the bandwidth, hence the speed).

The blocked ports list include, but is not neccessarily limited to, the following:

Direct Connect
411 - 413
6346 - 6347
6881 - 6889

In order to use use our tracker you must configure your client to use any port range that does not contain those ports (a range within the region 49152 through 65535 is preferable.

How can i increase my download speed ?

Check this link (Article written for Azureus client)

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